Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yipee.....password recovered, log in remembered, time to update this thing, so all is well in the world. Didn't feel like sewing tonight, don't know what thats about. Long day at school and much to do all day. Stopped at JoAnn Fabric on the way home....remodeling is going on and it doesn't look good. The store always seemed nicely layed out....fabric was upstairs, now it's all downstairs and looks like every other Jo Ann store. Didn't find a thing. I worked on my etsy store tonight, still don't have fabric listed but I'm thinking about it. Also tried to figure out how to put buttons on my blog, etc. That'll have to wait until another day.

If you've not taken a look at the Hopes and Dreams Quilt Challenge (for ALS) you need to.....beautiful quilts/good cause.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thought I'd finish a quilt tonight and then maybe make one spider block just for fun. It's now 12:20 a.m. and I'm still sewing! I'm still waiting for most of my Mondrian block from the Red/Aqua swap.....have most (all but two) from A Spider Bee.....the modified Bento Boxes for the Red/Aqua II swap are looking really good. I'd like to get the tops all put together by Christmas so I can take them to my favorite quilter.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Here it is October already and I have posted since June. With school starting and all I haven't had time to pursue my creative side. The months are flying by.

Have you ever been in Flickr swaps that have just stopped? If so let me know what you've done.....I'm perplexed about the whole thing.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Okay, I still haven't figured out how to get this thing from point A to point B. I'm sure it's very simple but right now I'm blogging to myself. You know how it is when you ask somebody a question about the computer.....they usually say "we'll you just do this and that and then this"....ya, right. Someplace there has to be some instructions.....if I can find fish that swim around I can find a way to get this to other bloggers.