Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday - Jan. 16

No school, day off.....what could be better than that. I had a 9:00 dentist appointment, at 8:10 it hit me that I better get up and movin'. I made it with time to spare - luckily there was little traffic. From there went to JoAnn fabric to get some Color Stay.....I needed to wash a quilt today for the first time......I hadn't used Color Stay before and wasn't sure where to get it. Found out you get it at the grocery store where I went immediately after JoAnn Fabric. Stopped at some other places and ended with a pedicure/wax.....ahhhhhh.

Thumbs up on Color Stay.....the quilt looks great!

Am working on the final round on a block for the Add-a-Border bee. Again, another great idea that takes hours and hours and looks like it took five minutes. I have two sides finished and two more to think about.

Happy quilting!

Sunday, January 15, 2012